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    How to Request Empty How to Request

    Post by mb5 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:15 pm

    When requesting an anime, there is not a set template you need to follow. However, if you follow this template, the site would look more organized and very easy to read for the uploaders. I found that this layout is very good on the eyes. Continue if interested.

    Of course this template is to be followed by requesters, to make it easier for the uploader to Identify your Anime and upload it in the quality you want and with the Audio of your preference.

    Title of the topic: [Hosts] Name of Anime [Sub/Dub/DualAudio] [Quality]
    Example: [MU MF] Naruto Shippuden [Sub] [720p]

    Body Post:
    1. Picture of requested Anime
    2. Info (Like Hosts preferred, Quality, Audio)

    Example of a complete post

    [MU] Samurai Champloo [Blu-Ray][Dual Audio]

    How to Request Samuraichamploo12013000472ph

    Quality: 1080p
    Extension: mvk, x264*
    Host: Megaupload*
    Audio: Dual Audio

    Things marked with (*) are considered extra, and could be neglected by the uploader only if the Requester agrees.

    Basic Flow of things:

    MR.X Requested Bleach ---> Azn_Hobo Delivered Bleach ---> mb5 (or moderator) Locks request and puts it in the Fulfilled section (If we get that)

    When an uploader finishes uploading a request, he should make a post just like any other, and provides it's link in the request topic...

    Azn_Hobo just finished uploading Bleach for MR.X, he should make a regular post with what he uploaded, and then go to MR.X's Thread and show him said post.

    (If any Admin/Mod/Member feels this template is too harsh, or unclear, please post here your suggestion and I will amend it)

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